AWS Active Watersport Suit Junior 140-160

6 995 kr
6 995 kr 9 995 kr
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AWS Active Watersport Suit is designed for kayaking, dinghy sailing and for other activities carried out in a sitting position.

The simple design concentrates on the most essential features: comfort and keeping dry, leaving out excessive details. The suit design considers especially the different measurements of the back and the front parts, to achieve maximum comfort in a sitting position. Material is Vapour permeable and water tight 4-Tex®. Patented seam structure, that is based on the Flat Seam-technology. Because of this technology the multiple layers can be avoided. The suit is equipped with several reflective tapes in right places, which assure visibility in all conditions. The soft and durable reflective tapes are in accordance with the directive on marine equipment. Neck seal 2,5 mm super stretch neoprene. Wrist seals super stretch neoprene, which are easy to dress and undress. The patterned rubber surface of the seals is on the outside. The neoprene also keeps your wrists warm in cold conditions. Knee and back reinforcement. The suit is delivered together with neoprene hood and gloves in a carrying bag.


Ursuit size chart for over the surface suits