Boundary Boots

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Purpose-built for mucky put-ins and soggy portages, the NRS Boundary Boots deliver knee-high waterproofness with a super grippy, rugged sole to handle the harsh terrain favored by adventure canoeists and anglers.
  • 5 mm neoprene upper with taped interior seams guarantees warmth and dry feet.
  • Comfy 7 mm neoprene insole atop a high-traction wrap-up sole provides maximum protection and support.
  • 2 mm plastic shim for even more protection from sharp, pointy objects.
  • Tightening the ladder buckle strap at the top can help restrict water entry if you step in a bit too deep.
  • Quick-lace boot with cord-lock offers a customizable fit and a storage compartment lets you tuck away excess laces.
  • Each shoe is factory tested to ensure waterproof performance.


Weight: Size 11 is 1.5 kg
Gender Sizing: Unisex
Material Upper: 5 mm neoprene
Sole: 3 mm rubber
Marking Sole: No
Insole: 7 mm neoprene
Shim: 2 mm plastic shim
Closure System: Quick-lace with cord-lock, adjustable buckle
Taped Seams: Yes
  • Water Shoes
  • GlideSkin™ cuff
  • Factory waterproof tested
  • 38 cm height
  • Anatomically shaped toe box