Rudder Pedals

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Modern Technology Meets Ancient Kayak Design

Change the way you think about paddling forever with the patented SmartTrack Control System. Combining nautical science with high tech materials and design, SmartTrack is a revolutionary sea kayak rudder system that includes solid ergonomic foot control and a responsive foil-shaped blade. It provides more efficiency, more precision, and more comfort.

  • Maintain stability while your toes control the Foil Blade. Increased stability and comfort mean more efficiency.

  • Ergonomic design places your feet, legs and hips at the optimal angle for comfortable, efficient movement.

  • The Adjustment Bar allows you to customize your foot placement easily. Pull the bar up and out, once it clicks, release and you have slip-proof, solid foot bracing.

  • Unique track design resists build-up of sand and debris.